"One of the most musically articulate guitar soloists on the scene" - Guitar One Magazine

"Howard Hart gives his stylish fusion a Zappa-like compositional bent. He displays a strong grasp of dynamics and a flowing, elastic way with time... fluid and controlled"
- Guitar Player Magazine

"If music is indeed a language, then Hart has an impressive vocabulary... I immediately took to the obvious skill and mastery, but I was even more impressed with the emotional range displayed within the material" - BAM Magazine

"He shows that he can do it all... The command of guitar tones is very impressive. His playing is very tasty and he has an absolutely killer sense of timing... You should check Howard out"
- Guitar Maniacs

"Hart displays a mastery of touch and tone on both electric and acoustic, and a sensibility which harkens back to those pre-shred days of fusion, and Jeff Beck albums that mattered" - Guitar World Magazine

"Hart uses numerous guitar tones and an advanced sense of dynamics to express emotions and moods on songs such as 'Purusha' and 'Suspension Of Disbelief'... Hart rips and snorts with bursts of guitar mayhem..." - Guitar Nine


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Record Store Day is April 22nd, 2017

Howard uses the following pickups, amplification, strings and recording software