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"I only wish I could have more opportunities to work with Melisa. Countless times, her vocal performance has turned a good commercial track into an exceptional piece of music. She also brings a good vibe to the session. Whether it's Blues, Rock, Latin, Country, or Old School R&B, she's right on the money." -
Mark Keller, Keller Studios, Sausalito, CA

"Melisa Kary has been involved in a couple or our Live Concert Events and not only is she an outstanding vocalist and captivating performer, she's so good she actually upstaged our National Headliner. I wouldn't be surprised if she herself is nationally recognized in the near future." -
Michael McClune, Crows Feet Productions

"As a guitarist, I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of singers... But Melisa is nothing short of incredible... Great feel, great vibe... and a dream come true. I've worked with her live onstage - and now recording her new CD... It just doesn't get any better!"
Howard Hart

"Melisa is absolutely one of my favorite singers. When she sings it comes from a deep, soul-filled place and you can feel it. You gotta check her out!" -
Stef Burns, guitarist

"One of the most soulful singers I have ever worked with. Melisa has the Power, Range and Soul and is one of music's best vocalist, male or female! She's also a lot of fun to work with on stage and in the studio, a real Pro!"
Dove Linkhorn, Powerhouse Recording Studios, San Diego, CA

"Melisa Kary has quickly become one of my favorite singers, period! She sings from her soul and puts her full energy into every performance. As a fellow singer and musician/producer, I can't ask for more than that from the people I work with... with Melisa I don't have to!"
Patti Zlaket; Musician, Singer/Songwriter and Creative Director at Tuesday Productions, Rancho Bernardo, CA

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